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Barbara Klaus, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness (CF), Maestro, SAP - SymphonyAdvanced Practitioner. Facilitator of Access Bars®, Access Body Processes and Facelift classes. Practitioner of Bars, Facelift, all Body Processes, ESSE and Abuse hold sessions. I have done many advanced Access Consciousness seminars and regularly follow the news and renew my licenses.
Recently, when I am not involved in Access Consciousness, I have been spending more and more time doing various massage techniques, Scenar treatments and advising on wellness and nutrition. I also run M5C - Massage of 5 Continents courses and all of Vibecodes courses and will shortly be adding an "Expanse Therapy" session to this technique. All of these complement and build on M5C massage or complement each other perfectly.
All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.
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Symphony of possibilities
The Symphony of Possibilities opens the door to the great realm of potential that is you.
Symphony is a very special experience of the Access Conscious® system, with which we actually create real small miracles. With it, we can barely create a space for new, untapped possibilities that have always lain dormant in you and your body. We happily expand the spectrum of questions about what else is possible, and we magnificently tear down the walls that have held us back for so many years - until now.
It is virtually impossible to "properly" put the session into words, as the experience is unique to each of us. Therefore, I cordially invite you to contact me, let me know what your burning desire is and agree to conduct the Symphony. What is particularly noteworthy - I conduct the sessions live or online - so you do not have to leave the comfort and convenience of your home if you do not want to or cannot.
Customer experience
(Kristian Pandža, Croatia)
Symphony of Possibilities, or SOP for short, is, in my experience, and some research, the original "Higher" energy process that not only releases deep-rooted and hidden subconscious or existential (human as, integrated 'infinite being of spiritual and material) negative emotional charges, beliefs, programs, bodily sensations, etc.), but also rearranges, renews and creates on the most important energy, in fact subatomic level and returns man piece by piece to its authentic original state - as he is "conceived" in the order of the Universe.

What a person experiences during that hour, two or more, during that, I dare say, truly corresponds to watching and enjoying a very complex musical symphony of the world's top instrumentalists and soloists and numerous audiences whose exhalation simply stops during the performance.
Already after one treatment, significant changes are felt both in ourselves and in the environment, because we do not forget that we radiate as we attract, that is, that our beliefs collected through life live us and create an inauthentic everyday life.

I have already done several treatments of the Symphony and I can admit that with my individual work on myself through the techniques and methods I have mastered over the years, the symphony comes like the finest cake topping.
I've done a few treatments lately with Barbara who is simply an SOP. Tireless, she is always there for you, I call her a professional healer. I would not belittle the work of other colleagues who are also very professional in this spiritual, facilitative, psychotherapeutic story and with whom I worked as a client or business colleague and from whom I learned, but a person simply naturally creates what he needs at a given moment .
Follow and listen to yourself and feel free to advocate for a treatment Symphony of possibilities.

And don't forget: professional and regular work on yourself.

Thank you Barbara, thank you Universe, and let me not forget: Thank You to ME. "
Symphony of possibilities
Duration time 30 - 60 min
1 tretment
120 €
Package 5x
600 €
500 €
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You can also get in touch through email or telephone +386 40 730 558.

Payment options are direct bank transfer and Paypal. All further information is given upon sign up.
Abuse hold
Have you experienced abuse in your life? Physical, mental, emotional, financial or any other abuse? Have you ever been abused?

When a person has been abused, they try to hide and disguise that abuse from themselves and the world. And so they lock this abuse into their body.

ABUSE HOLD allows people to finally unlock all the places waiting for the next round of abuse.

The technique is performed lying in an embrace and over clothing.

People who have attended this treatment report increased lightness in the body, the ability to breathe deeply and lightly, and a feeling of relaxation and a calm mind that they did not know before.

I invite you to experience the dynamic changes that are available in the unique bodily process of Access Consciousness called ABUSE HOLD.
The Abuse Hold treatment takes us to a quiet, gentle space where it allows us to unleash abuses of various purposes. The word ABUSE has a very difficult meaning in our minds, whether it is psychological abuse, sexual abuse, abuse of various substances, abuse of oneself... and these are just the most common thoughts next to this word.

In all situations where instead of kindness we got countering or disagreement or were therefore misunderstood or inappropriately touched by the partner, mistreated by the institutions, blindly guided by the teachers or even intimidated.
In fact, we can also learn to abuse ourselves by ignoring our intuition, our instincts, or devaluing ourselves and even cutting ourselves off from ourselves and others, all of which fall under abuse.

But the good news is that there is a wonderful process of healing the body called Abuse Hold, which would be best translated into Slovenian as an end to abuse.
Abuse Hold consists of two parts.

The first part involves listening to a recording of Gary Douglas that needs to be bought and listened to at least 30 times to clear up all the psychological views you have about abuse. Buy the clip here. You can also listen to the recording while you sleep, quite quietly. In any case, it makes sense to listen to the recording at least a few times in its entirety and actually hear it. The words in the clip may not make sense to you, but you will respond differently to them, you may feel anger, sadness, confusion, irritability, or you may find yourself in some remote state and not be present. This is perfectly normal while listening to a recording, so just keep listening and know that you can always call me in case you need help, it's just part of the process.
Listening to this recording only energetically prepares you for a later treatment with a facilitator. In the second part, after listening to this recording for at least 30 times, the physical part of the Abuse Hold treatment follows.

This part basically takes place in a very gentle, loving and supportive way, it looks like you are embracing a child who has been stressed and crying, thus comforting him in some way with complete authenticity and unconditional acceptance. Your body will respond in a variety of ways, such as: physical movement, twitching, different bodily sensations, making strange noises as the trauma is released, and then a slow transition to calmness, peace, and relief.
Duration time 1 - 1.5 hours.
1 treatment
120 €
Package 3x
300 €
222 €
Package 5x
500 €
333 €
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You can also get in touch through email or telephone +386 40 730 558.
Expanse Therapy
Expanse Therapy is an effective and powerful, holistic therapeutic treatment designed to increase the joy and vitality of life, in addition to offering real relief and real emotional release. After the release of emotions, the detoxification of the body and the activation of happiness hormones, the energies circulate much better in the body.

It all feels inside and looks outside.
The Goal of Expanse Therapy
The goal of Expanse Therapy is to improve sleep quality, increase self-confidence, and relieve physical and psycho-emotional pain. The treatment includes a medical history or a set of different techniques, the application of energetic treatments (massage, acupressure, sound therapy, light therapy, olfactor therapy ...) from traditional Chinese medicine.
The 3 Axes We Work On:
"HEAD - HEART - BELLY" is purified by activating happiness hormones, as our emotions and diseases related to stress and overload are stored at the level of the brain, heart and intestinal tract (there are more than 240 million neurons in these 3 areas).

Applying the treatment together in these 3 parts is a success for inner and outer well-being, both mentally and physically.
Expanse Expanse Therapy is a 60-minute global treatment that combines sound therapy with aromatherapy and a medical history.
The ensemble of essential oils affects emotions, various diseases, and has many other virtues.

Sound therapy acts on tensions, blockages, and emotions with a soundtrack developed and calibrated specifically for the Hertz frequencies appropriate to each area treated. The anamnesis allows the identification of different profiles and deficiencies and personalised follow-up at each time (ideally a course of 4 treatments).

Expanse Therapy is a powerful sensual journey that allows for great release as a true natural antidepressant, mood enhancer, inner smile concentrate, pleasure and release therapy!
The session lasts 60min and is a great contribution to the massage of 5 continents M5C.
1 session (we recommend at least 4)
100 €
Package 4x
400 €
350 €
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You can also get in touch through email or telephone +386 40 730 558.
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